As you may have noticed, the Power Ballad Podcast has been lacking the last three months. The first five months of the year went off without a hitch, but then as they say, life got in the way.

Actually, what happened was two promising interviews for June fell through, and I left for a week vacation with no show. I thought, I'll make it up in July and do two interviews. At that time, my wife and I had put our place up for sale, and faster than we expected, it sold, which meant we had to find a place and start packing. July was pretty much wiped out because of the work involved. Then moving in August, then our little girl's first birthday, then one of our dogs died. This all happened at what seemed like 100 miles per hour, and everyday ending in exhaustion and, unfortunately, not time to even reach out for interviews, let alone put together a decent podcast.

The plan is to turn it around in September, right the ship, and end the year positively. Thank you to everyone who has tuned in, given great feedback, and especially to those who have purchased copies of Power Ballad.


Q&A with Columbus Alive

The folks at the Columbus Alive were kind enough to invite me to sit down for a Q&A session about Power Ballad, the Power Ballad Podcast and my other podcast, Dig Me Out. Big thanks to Jesse Tigges and Meghan Ralston. Here's an excerpt:

"I was big into making iTunes playlists and … decided to make a power ballad playlist. It was 40 or 50 songs, but I thought there’s got to be more. So I went to Amazon and looked up “VH1 power ballad compilation.” I was looking at it and they weren’t all power ballads. “First of all that song is fast, how could it be a power ballad? That’s a Celine Dion song. What is going on here?!” I did more research because it sort of irked me this was out there. I realized there have been no criteria ever set — nobody ever said what a power ballad is. The first chapter explains why I did this — undertook this thing that no one was really asking for — and explaining what the actual criteria was for judging a power ballad."


Power Ballad Now Available for Kindle

If you're over the whole printed book think, you can now pick up Power Ballad in digital format at Amazon.com. And, if you're a Prime member, you can borrow the book for free.

It doesn't get any cheaper than free.


Power Ballad Podcast: Episode #5

On the fifth episode of the Power Ballad Podcast, it's a two-for-one! From Great White, first Mark Kendall stops by to talk Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Kay guitars and more, then Michael Lardie and I chat about their new record Elation, songwriting, the admiration of Harley crowd, his career as a producer and much more. Special thanks to Melissa Kucirek for setting up the interviews!

Songs in the Episode:
1:13 - Save Your Love (from Once Bitten...)
28:04 - House of Broken Love (from ...Twice Shy)
43:36 - Lovin Kind (from Hooked)
1:00:43 - Shotgun Willie's (from Elation)


Power Ballad @ Glitter2Gutter

Power Ballad reviewed at Glitter2Gutter:
"This book definitely belongs in your rock reading collection, even if it's simply to start your own compilation of songs, your own list of tracks to hunt down, or your own book to counter Minneci's.  A lot of fun and well worth the few hours it takes to read."
Read the full review.