Power Ballad Podcast: Episode #3

On the third episode of the Power Ballad Podcast, Jeff Keith of Tesla stops by to talk about song writing, the origins of Love Song and What You Give, the timelessness of Tesla's music and what it's like to rock on a cruise ship.

Songs in this Episode:
14:38 - Love Song
26:09 - What You Give
31:31 - Signs
42:31 - The Way It Is


  1. Keep pump in out the great music that Tesla has always done. Looking forward to the new music!

  2. um ...where do i actually listen to the podcast from??

    1. Daisy - the podcast is available for download via iTunes, you can find it under "Links" on the right. If you prefer to stream, click the "Listen" tab at the top for the Podbean stream. Let me know if you have any issues!